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I love you.

You may never know how i feel about you. How i crave your touch. How i miss your arms around my body. How save i have felt in your arms.

But you may never know.

You knew. And still you choose her over me.

With every nerv, with every cell, oh i loved you, and i think i forever will.

One year is a long time-span. Isnt it? No, not to get over you. Over your soft hands, but still that perfectly manly. Your warm chest under my head.

You have no idea how much i miss and love you, but its okay. Youre craving her touch. Not mine. You want to breathe-in her smell, dont you?

I may wish you once would have looked at me like you look at her, but you choose not to. And thats fine.

I love you with all my heart and it tears me appart seeing you with her. But I wont tell.


FROM…. someone you used to love

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