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Dear... Jonsie

I think I fell in love with you.

Remember you described to me what love feels like? That it makes you laugh and cry, be sad and happy. That’s what I felt while talking to you, seeing you, listening to your voice. We never met in real life and never will probably, but you were the fist person I felt something for. U told you were looking for real love, and that meant I was never gonna be the one. I love you. I really do.

You are the only person I opened up to, the only one I fell safe talking to, someone who I admire for just being you. But, talking to you brings me pain.

Because I know soon you will find someone in real life, who is close, who you can be with, who you will actually like. I wish you never talked to me that day on tinder. Now it hurts. Every time we talk it hurts. I wish I never had feeling for you. I’m weak. I’m soo weak. I fell for someone who I can never be with.

FROM…. 🐝🐝