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Dear... Simply Devine

Until you heal you’ll never be where you want too. You’ll never have that love that you crave because it is in yourself. You play victim you lie and cheat and everyone is bad except you. You’re dangerous and everyone around you allows you to spiral. 

One day you’re gonna spiral and hit the ground. Get the therapy to deal with things and become better. But you won’t & that’s scary. Don’t let your next person go through what I went through with you. I can’t wait to stop crying over you and wondering why you couldn’t be better. You couldn’t be better for me but you could for your co worker. 

Telling lies on social media about me and to your friends. That’s okay I’ve grown and I know that one day you’ll be a gray memory. Enjoy the life you created because when the lights go down the trauma sits behind your eyelids. You are angry & impulsive. 

Don’t ruin anyone else’s life the way you did mine. You are one relationship I’ll tell my kids about. To make sure they see the signs early & never hurt the way I continue too. I did things too and I’m sorry about that. You will forgive me one day and if you don’t that’s your heart. No contact is great I’m done being associated with soMeone like you. 

I had so many letters to give to you Instead you showed me why I never should. I wanted to marry and take care of you. You wanted to hurt and misuse me. We were never on the same page. You let your family and friends talk about me so bad and you didn’t care. Enjoy everything that you wanted and what you got because one day when the karma hits you you can’t run. 

We could’ve made a long lasting relationship that was healthy. You lied and said you wanted to be friends then you cut me off. Never play with someone’s heart. Enjoy and I hope it was worth it.

FROM…. You only loved me when I was gone

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