Write Anonymous Letter

Dear... L, my first internet friend

Hello sis, I lied about being busy so I can’t talk to you. You know why I lied? Because I’m feeling that you are already slipping away.

I also noticed that I’m only one who always carry and initiate the conversation. You know from the start that I don’t really like talking to strangers online and I don’t really like socializing in general, but I still made an effort to keep up with you but what the hell dude, you don’t f*ck*ng care about me at all and I was serious about you because you told me that you always felt sad whenever people leave you.

Now I understand why, you never even made an effort to keep them hahaha or you’re just like that towards me. Maybe you just didn’t care about ME. I really hate this because I let you come in my life and I told you personal things about me that I don’t usually say. I should have known from the start that you will never reciprocate the same energy :))

I mean why would you right?? You’re older, successful, and rich why would you listen to someone younger like me? Anyways happy birthday, my gift for you is that I will never bother you again because in the first place, you never wanted me in your life no matter what lies you told me.

I don’t really know you, you never opened up about your personal life to me and I don’t even know your real name and face, while here’s me being all transparent to you just show you that our friendship is something I would like to keep longer. I’M DONE BYE

FROM…. Lucky