Write Anonymous Letter

Dear... someone i hurt

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for hurting you. i know what i did was wrong, I’m sorry i left you, i didn’t mean it. i don’t know what got over me. looking back at my past, it has always been recurring.

I like, love, commit, then leave and I’m so sorry beautiful soul. you were the first person to ever remind me that it was okay to be me, to be myself, and to always embrace what i have inside out. you always made me feel special, loved, and needed.

I’m so sorry dear, i know you must be in so much pain right now but i promise it will get better for you. you deserve all the best in this universe and you deserve to see what’s in store for you. 

I know i left in such a rush but i promise the guilt i felt will haunt me through this day. i miss you, as much as you miss me, but I can’t hurt you, which is why I left you, I cannot keep on repeating the same mistakes I had. I have unstable commitment issues and it hurts me because it stems from my past. I just want you to know, don’t ever give up. you be you.