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Dear... Boyfriend

You gave me love like noone else did.
I trust you with my heart
I love you like I never loved anybody before
Sometimes life is hard for me
It is getting too mich
And tears fall again

Our relationship will get so difficult
How will wie find a future together?

I was down at my worst
I thought of leaving you, not because I don’t love you anymore but because I am afraid of loosing you

That sounds so terrible dumb, doesn’t it?
I love you so much that I am afraid of loosing you, overthinking everytime you ignore me.

While I miss you and cry my tears
You ignore me

I am an overthinker.

While you told me three weeks ago you are afraid I’d leave you..

I am afraid of this too often.

Now I am here, crying. You don’t answer me.

Today we are 4months together.
Thats not much anyway

But your Ignorance hurts me

I am afraid

FROM…. Your girlfriend

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