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Dear... My Love

Dear love,
Sometimes I wander down the hallways aimlessly looking for you because you make me so happy and excited. I miss you all the time, even when we’re together I know it can’t last forever and I start to miss you already. Most days I sit to and question myself if I’m good enough. You always say yes, but I know I’m not. I don’t deserve you. You’re perfect. I know you disagree, but you’re perfect…. For me. 


You are always there for me when I have had a bad day or if I’m sad. I complain to you about everything that I’m going through knowing that you suffering behind your screen. I thought about that a lot today. I thought about how much you sit there and suffer but still listen to what I have to say. And I find it amazing that you have the patience to listen to somebody like me every day. So I’m right I don’t deserve you, but I have you and that’s all I need. We first dated on September 10,2020. We were together until I left you on February 14,2021. 


I know I’m the one that did it but I don’t think you’ll ever truly understand how many tears fell from my eyes that night. It killed me to leave you and I knew it was wrong. Why did I do it? I know you still don’t really have an answer to that and frankly, neither do I. I’ve always loved you and I made a huge mistake. 


But you never left. You were always there even after I ruined our relationship. Yea sure you went and dated her for a few, but you still never really left me. And that; I respect. I love you more than you’ll ever know. One day I’ll prove my love to you. Forever and always baby.🤞🏼♾



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