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Dear... my mother

I always wanted a relationship with you and I had one for most of my life until I grew up. I learnt that most of my life you didn’t show me love that I deserved but you manipulated me to thinking receiving nice gifts was a form of showing someone that they were loved.

I will forever love you because you are my mother but I will also never forget the times that you didn’t care if I was sad or angry or hurt because that wasn’t what you wanted to see. 


I just wanted a mother that would love me unconditionally for what I did and didn’t do in life and not make me feel like I would owe you by getting good grades and doing the right thing because you supplied me with nice, luxurious things and a amazing place to live.


But I have learnt that this isn’t what love was meant to be like and I wish to the gods above me at night and hope one day you’re going to realise and begin to love me how you treat your other children.


I’ll forever love you mummy even if you caused me so much pain.


FROM…. your daughter that could’t love right

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