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I really don’t know what to say anymore.


Life is hard without you and it’s never been this hard before, you ripped my heart out of my chest and there’s no lying about that.
You painted this picture of me and you can keep telling yourself that, “that’s who I am”, when in fact you know it’s not. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. I hope it does. I hope my pain brings a smile to your face and after that… maybe you’ll come to realize what you truly did. I’m not who you say I am, I didn’t do what you said I did but why to keep fighting and saying different, I wouldn’t lie to you no matter what and that’s that…


I’m looking at your side of the bed, the sheets are cold and the night is lonely.
This use to be my solitary, I use to be confined alone and that sure shows. I once said a word to you.. Just one word. Do you remember what it is?

Do you understand what I meant by that yet? and why do I say it?

Because that’s how I felt, I told you I’d live the rest of my life repenting.. truly repenting.
I still love you no matter what you did, said, or continue to do. Can you say that? If not.. maybe it wasn’t true. You beat me senseless until there was nothing left of me and I want you to know something…
I’ll still love you eternally. I’ll miss you.

This is my last testament, my last goodbye. I wish you the best the world has to offer.



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