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Dear Zarish

I’m sure you don’t know what this site is so ill be saying whatever I’ve been holding in. I don’t love you. I lied. because I was desperate to date someone and my ego was inflated because of your feelings for me.

You’re so mentally unstable you need actual help before even talking to anyone because you’re so fucked up you just have to blame anyone and everyone else except for yourself in every situation.

You manipulated me and guilt-tripped me into dating you and staying and kept saying I was your only happiness and that made me think I would be responsible if I left and you killed yourself. my god, you’ve ruined my life ever since we met and I hate when I think about all the things you made me do with you. it makes me so disgusted with myself when I think I’ve literally fucked you.

I hate that I’ve kissed you. the thought of touching you makes me so disgusted and I hate myself for that. I keep coming back to you all because I’m bored and alone or because your clingy ass can’t stop interesting me or shitting on me on Twitter. you’re so fucking annoying you’ve ruined my life and I hate you so much. you distracted me from my religion too and I hate myself for that.

But I’m done now. you’re the shittiest partner I’ve ever had and I hope you die or at least don’t annoy everyone else around you and keep to yourself you’d be doing the world a favor. a fucking attention-seeking bitch is all you are you’re not cool or pretty or cute you’re cringy and disgusting and annoying and literally, no one could love you. I couldn’t even pretend to love you. I hope we never meet again. you’re a mistake. bye.

FROM…. The person you ruined the life of