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Dear... Ex Best-friend. M.R


I’ve just recently been feeling the pain you left me alone with. It took me a long time to realize what you did was dumb . I was so gullible to actually believe you wanted to be with me,and that you actually cared about me.

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for you and that I tried my best to be your friend.
I still remember when I told you I had a crush on you and you went and told your other friends. I clearly told you not to tell anyone because I was embarrassed, but I had other friends tell me that you had spilled it to them, I even got told you were dared to date me after we broke up.
So those two months were all just a lie until you friend-zoned me,wasn’t it? Just a whole big act, huh. Well, I did know ,Through out the whole month, I just refused to believe you, out of all people ,would do that to me.
Why m?

Why the hell would you break me like that?

You know yourself that I would do anything for you, absolutely anything,even jumping off a bridge because I have nothing to lose. Unlike you,I treasure my friendships with everything I’ve got and give it my all,even if we hadn’t dated. I’m sorry but if you really had a big heart like you said you had, you wouldn’t have dated me for a dare. You could’ve simply told me you weren’t interested in me like I was in you. I wouldn’t have minded because for me, anything is enough.

I still don’t get that the fact when all your friend’s turned against you, I was the only one who spoke to you. I was on a call with you for 5 hours and 43 minutes, I still have it screenshoted, and I comforted you, told you it was ok and never ignored anything you said, even though I knew it was all your fault anyway. Even those times I face-timed you every night just because you were bored. Then another time, I held you while you cried because of a family issue. I was very patient with you, whilst others didn’t care. You just flung all of that to the side and decided to return to your friend’s after they forgave you. You match the phrase ‘Use and abuse’ so perfectly, it makes me scream in frustration as to why you’re like this.

Then the day came where you’re friends decided to stop faking to be my friend and just dumped me on the curb, I guess, and surprise,surprise, you went with them and left me for trash and dust. Oh well, it was my fault for having high hopes for you.

I’m getting over you slowly and the un-phisical damage you caused inside of me. You once made my heart beat of love, but towards you it beats with bitterness , no matter how much I try to forgive you. When your friend’s leave you again, don’t come running back to me. I’ve tried again and again to forgive you but you’ve left a scar that won’t allow me to fully do so . So you’ll have to find someone else to go cry to ,to hold you, to listen to you and to be patient.

I’ve now found people and a place where I belong. They care about me, love me how I am and don’t use me at all. They haven’t kicked me to the curb and left me to rot. You can stay with my ex-friends and if you ever come back to me , there are going to be some serious issues, ok?

Don’t get me wrong I’ll always try to forgive you but my heart doesn’t have a place for you anymore. You’ve been replaced and I don’t think it’s going to change. I’m surrounded by loving people so I don’t need the opposite with me.

I’ve learnt alot from the time I spent with you. You were another mistake in my life that I don’t need.

That’s all I’ve got to say.
Hope you enjoy your life.
Without me.

FROM…. The one you used and abused: H.S

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