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Dear... J.I

I am taking my chances here. i’m way too scared to say hi even if its just behind a screen. i saw your book inspired playlists. 

I don’t wanna assume that it’s meant for me to see or if it was at any point, should be directed to me but the 1st 5(?) songs literally implied a message. 

I saw that your recent post was in black n white with the caption “day one or one day?” idk if the universe is on the process trying to slap the shit out of me and say “makiramdam ka naman” or maybe things are coincidental lang. baka it’s not really for me and im not the one who should be seeing these messages. but if it’s for me, then here’s what i’ve got to say. I am sorry. i’m sorry if its taking u this long to move on and still be in the process. (it’s ugly) i’m sorry if i left u flustered. it just felt like u didn’t want me there anymore. i want us to talk. talk things through and hopefully leave a clean slate behind. maybe, start anew? doesn’t matter whether we’re gonna be friends or not. i care about us being okay co-existing and being casual.

There are a lot of things left unsaid. the conversations I wish we had. i don’t believe in “there’s gonna be that person who u will never lose feelings for” until u came. 

I thought i was supposed to act on it and give us a shot until us happened in between the maybes and i became okay admiring u from afar. I like you a latte : “) there’s always gonna be a 5’2 gemini screaming her lungs out at the back of a large crowd for u. (i am that 5’2)

I HOPE U SEE THIS, JA. if u see this, pls send me something. u know who i am.
for now, stay safe and take a breather once in a while. i’ll be waiting.

see u until the next sunset : D

FROM…. germini

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