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Dear... Alex

It’s been almost a year since we last spoke, yet I can’t seem to forget about you. Feelings of regret pile up in me whenever I think about how we drifted apart, yet another part is grateful that I took that step.

How have you been? I genuinely hope that you are doing far better than when we used to talk. It kind of reminds me of how vulnerable I was with you. I haven’t been well really. Most of the time I pretend to be fine and just move on with life, but it’s hard when things hit me one after another.

Last year’s events still haunt me and maybe that’s why I hated you for a while, because you were a part of my misfortune. I get jealous, oddly enough, if I think about you with someone else, something I have no right to feel. You were so sweet to me, the sweetest I’ve ever talked to, yet I couldn’t look past the multiple “red flags” that you kept throwing at me.

I think I liked you more than what met the eye and just didn’t realize it until you were completely gone. Both of us needed a fresh start, and hopefully that’s what we’ll get. You’ll probably never read this but just know that some part of me still likes and misses your “goodnight love” messages and I want you to be happy no matter what.

FROM…. Someone you used to call love