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Dear... my first love

Before this letter I wrote a list of things that I wanted to tell you along the way. I went through all the grief, I went through the love, the hate, the tears. But after I felt those emotions I started MY journey, and I had never been happier. But after all of that, I think this is the last letter I have to write to you…

It’s now march… we broke-up about 3 months ago now. I never thought I would’ve lasted this long. I still think about you everyday but I don’t love you anymore. I love what we had and the experiences we shared, it was a rare kind of love. But I miss the old us, we change as people, we grow apart, we want and need different things. 


Thank you for loving me for so long and thank you for tearing me down and treating me like nothing. Because without that I wouldn’t have learnt everything I have and I wouldn’t have been as strong as I am today. You will always mean a lot to mean and I know your the person I’m going to tell my kids about when they ask about my first love. 


I hope your the happiest you have ever been and your growing as a person. I know your going to love the next person even better but I’m glad I got to experience the first version of your love. You will never be a stranger to me and I will love you forever.❤


FROM…. The girl that will love you forever

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