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Dear... Xian

I know we met online but I feel like I’ve developed feelings for you since we’ve been friends for over 3 years. I just hope that you would notice or at least like me back. I’m too scared to tell you because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I really really like you. It’s more love than just liking. 

I wish I could get married to you. Would you say yes? I really hope so. I enjoyed face timing and calling with you all day and night. It’s almost like we’re already dating! (: I planned so many things that we could do when we’re going to meet, I hope you’ll enjoy them. 

My favorite game is called “Silent”. It’s where you have to stay quiet for two whole hours while I try to find you if you’re found you lose! If you win, then you’ll find out. I hate losing games. We’re going to meet soon so, maybe, just maybe you’ll never leave me. 

If you do, I don’t think there’s another option for you. I love you so much. Please. Just. Notice. How. Much. I. Love. You. Can’t wait to meet you, I’m never letting you go if you reject me this time.

FROM…. Viren

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