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Dear My Soul-Mate

I have no idea who you are…
I wish I do… I feel like I need you in my life right now (unless you are…).
I feel like I need someone to cuddle up with, laugh over stupid movies with me, ask me to come to McDonald’s with them and pretend it’s a fancy restaurant, go to Wild Wing with me and see how messy we can get, laying in a flower field and discussing a deep topic, or yelling our favourite songs on a long road trip to idk, let’s say, Alberta!

I feel like I’m waiting for another chapter in my life to bring you to me, but I have to either be patient and just wait- or find you myself!
I know this probably sounds stupid… but I need someone who’s more than a friend, who will hop on my bandwagon. I need someone who is full of corny jokes, someone who is willing to laugh at my corny jokes!

I guess the only way that I can say this is that I miss you- even though I haven’t even met you! I miss you so much!! more than I can express in this digital anonymous letter website!!! I need you!! please pop up soon…. if there was a magic word that I could say to call you over, and feel the same way about me and how I feel about you I would’ve used it already!!

I really really miss you
Please find me already!