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Dear... Twin Flame

We’ve never been introduced properly. We just somehow spent time together for work. I never really had a first good impression of you. With all the things that I’ve heard about you, somehow I just thought that you are this someone who wouldn’t even bother talking to me.

You were this person who I thought of high and mighty. I was probably curious about you, not knowing that it’ll turn into some admiration. I heard the not-so-good things about you, yet here I am still drawn to you. You see, I don’t even care if everyone around us knows that I like you.

I feel this strong attraction towards you. I’m even questioning myself if I’m becoming a little crazy because of it. Though I have to acknowledge that my behavior of waiting for you to view my stories is kinda toxic for my own mental health. I’ve been telling myself to stop waiting for you to you know learn about how my day went by. But the second I saw that you viewed all my story, all my efforts of letting myself free from all these unforeseen feelings and emotions just go back to zero.

You have that effect on me, and that’s what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid that if I don’t stop whatever this is I might lose my identity. I might fall hard and will probably find it hard to get myself back up. I even watch readings for Pete’s sake LOL like wtf is that? It feels like there was never a day when I did not mention your name. Liekkkk dude??? This is not good..

I need to take a step back, process whatever this is, and hopefully get some clarity. I see you looking at me from time to time but I don’t really wanna give meaning to it. But then, me mentioning it here means somehow I wish there’s a meaning to it.

Weird feelings can you please go away if this won’t even work for the both of us.

FROM…. Twin