Write Anonymous Letter

Dear... Dave P

What were the odds you’ll see this? If you ever saw this, I would be embarrassed until my next life.

We’re not in a talking stage anymore—I doubt that we even had that— but I could see it in your eyes making it obvious to noticed a spark for me—specially for me. Why would you go to the hang-out? Was it because I was there? Why were staring at me like that as if you’re still into me? Why could you make a move on some girl and not me? And why didn’t you reply to me? I was waiting—for us to play, just one last time. So much queries circulating in my head; I was assuming to the fullest. Silly me.

What made me even sillier was I believed all this nonsense after you confide to the one beside your crush’s picture—lowkey eavesdropping. Yeah, I carried the heavy weight of being shit after that hang-out. The fact that you and CJ were exchanging messages was none of my business, well, you couldn’t blame me for caring about it.

After all, I’d been into you ever since, too. I’d been loyal to you. I couldn’t halt my imaginations of you. Fuck, this was embarrassing than I thought it would be. It’s not like you were going to see this—that’s the silver lining of this predicament letter from me to yours which you would never EVER receive.