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Dear... My platonic soulmate

You have always been around for as long as I remember. You would even scold me if I don’t tell you if I’m having a bad time.

Tell me, will you scold me now that I want to tell you I am having a bad time?

But I don’t want to tell you. Not now, not ever. You have finally found happiness. I truly have prayed so hard for you to find love. And I hope and will pray harder that he’ll love you the way you deserved to be love.

I am miserable but I can’t tell you that. Not when you’re happy. I cannot, for the life of me, pull you down with me.

Even so, I would like you to know that I am super duper proud of how far you have come and of all the things you have accomplished so far.

I cannot wait for you to soar higher.

FROM…. Your platonic soulmate