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Dear...Young Self

I wish I knew what happened. It’s all foggy now.

But I know something did happen.
If only you could be held tight and told that it’s okay, it’ll be okay.

Would I be a different person altogether?
If you had been shown the love and support that was deserved.
Would I be nicer? More understanding?
Most likely, yes.

I can’t blame you for how I am now though.

It wasn’t your fault you weren’t protected.

There was no one there to hold their hands over your ears for all those years.
There was no one to show you it would all be okay.

I’m still mad at that fact. No one was there.
It was always just us. Must explain why I’m so independent now.

You were lost. We still are lost.
But I promise to find you. To find us.

To find the happiness that was once in our lives.
I promise. I will find you.

FROM…. Future Regretter