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YES! No one can know you wrote the letter unless you make it known to the reader. To help you please make sure you follow the tip we on the WRITE ANONYMOUS LETTER page. Make sure you do not write your full name, any form of contact info and so on that could be used to identify you.  

Anonymous letter is not illegal, and you have the right to write as the aim is to let things go of your chest rather than keeping it there, although, Anonymous letters become illegal if the content or purpose is illegal, i.e., threatening, making false representations, making defamatory statements, etc. all of this will be checked before we publish your letter.

We usually approve submitted letters within 1 to 4 weeks, there are factors like misspelling or other grammatically related errors that might delay the approval. We usually proofread and make sure it is well coherent

This is to make sure all letters are readable, imagine reading a letter which is not well structured? We do not want such situations with readers. This is to make sure everyone can express himself/herself even if the original language is not English

For now, there is no limit to how many letters you can submit. Just write

Write Anonymous Letter has the sole right to publish or not publish any letter.  We reserve all right to choose which letter to publish please note that any letters containing hateful, threatening or overly offensive language will not be posted on the site.

Yes, you can request but we do not guarantee quick response

However, if you wrote a letter that you for some reason you do not want public (even thou no one knows is you) please email admin@lettersanonymous.com as soon as possible to request it not be published. (make sure you have a copy of your writing if you would at anytime call for a removal)

There are various reasons why people want to write a letter the most common ones are getting things off their chest, express their emotions, feel validated, and also to encourage empathy from others or the sense of relief that comes with writing something down that you have been carrying around for a while.

Yes, you can write a letter to respond to a particular anonymous letter already on the website. Just write it!

As a digital marketing specialist, I was involved in a discussion about a letter someone wrote and then I was touched and realised that people need to write something down to get free. Write Anonymous Letter was created in 2021

If that’s the challenge, we got you! You can visit the Anonymous Letter Idea page for an idea on how to write.

While writing how you feel in a letter can be helpful and has been proven to be therapeutic for some people, this website is not intended to replace or imitate therapy or counseling.  But if you really do not feel good after writing out this thing and you continue to feel depressed, anxious, or worried about yourself or someone you know, then you can browse on the internet or visit some local authority for help.