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Dear... Maia

When will my brain stop bringing up your name in my mind, I just want to forget about everything that happened because you do such a great job at it.

I know you hate me and I’m cool with that, I honestly don’t know why you meant so much to me I think it’s cause you were one of the only people that I could physically see who cared about me and I think I took it for granted that I had someone like you so I never really thought anything would change that if that makes sense? Looking back I remember how happy I was to have you, in a way it also numbed what was going on in my head which was really good actually, that also played apart in why i distanced myself which caused issues and my instant thought was you hate me and thought I’d lost you.

Which is when I ran to someone I know I shouldn’t have especially with everything that had happened between u.

The one thing I won’t understand is when I tried talking to you, you new I was upset and still cared so why did you just walk off like that I don’t get it, I realise now that every time I acted “weak” or was looking upset that it just gave you power to act all tough.

I know you’ll do well in life 🙂
I love you
t xx

FROM…. kayla