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Dear... My beloved C

Hi there! It’s been a year since we saw each other. It’s been I think 3 years since I told you I had a crush on you. I told my friends that I’m not into you now, but the truth is, I’m still hurt. I’m still into you after all these years. 


I love you so much that I would give you the world. But, I need to let go, the more I love you, the less I love myself. You see, all I think about is you, that I would die for you.Loving you means losing myself, and now I am choosing me. 


I have realized that I need to love myself first before loving someone else, so that the next time I’ll love you, I won\’t have to worry about losing myself anymore, and I’ll be able to love you more and more.


I am choosing myself, not only for my sake, but also for others. When I loved you, I became selfish. I want you for myself, I get jealous when you talk to other girls, and it was totally wrong. I am in no place to be jealous at all. Loving you brought me back to reality that loving is not easy. That loving does not need anything in return. This is only the beginning, and I wanna thank you with all that I am for being there for me in times that I needed a hand. 


I love you and please know that I am beyond grateful to be your friend, until we meet again!



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