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Yes ikaw to Maggie, lol alam mo bang crush kita for ,4yr? It’s stars nung g6 tayo, remember ma’am arranging our sits? At that time I’m looking for the handsomest in our classroom. And yk what? You, I said “gwapo nman nito I want to sit beside him.” And yun nga first nasa likoran kita but ma’am changed my sit kaya naging katabi Kita. 

I thought oh are we soulmates? But we are not. I hate you.. I fucking hate you. I hate how you mixed my emotions how you give me false hopes how you treat me special when you shouldn’t be kung hindi mo rin pala ako gusto. I hate every part of you. I hate myself for liking you. 

Tangina mo I liked you for a long time and we’ve been friends for a long time how dare you just break my heart like that? Are you that clueless? Are you that dumb? If I can remember you’re not a **king dumb man bitch I liked you before caus you’re smart, and now you act all clueless? Are you playing a game with me? You want the chase f**king game huh.

**k you I hope I’ll never see you again. ***k you. I wish that you’ll love me and be obsessed with me, while I will start to lose all my feelings from you. No one will love you like I do Magpantay no one. But I’ll move on, I’ll start to not remember you or even think about you. Cause I hate you with all my heart.

FROM…. The one you rejected

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