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Greetings Sir

I know you’ll call this bs😗You might not know me, but you can call me love. Hihi. Ahm, jokes aside, I have something to tell you. Brace yourself, your teeth, your neck, your back. Ksksksks. This might or might not shock you. I’m pregnant, you’re the father. Hahahah chz, soon hahaha char (or not). But seriously tho, Imma be serious na. 


This is bothering me for quite some time already, I’m just beating around the bush coz I’m scared and am a coward, as you know me. Also, if you haven’t noticed by now, I like to wait for people to stop me from leaving, and I know that that’s kinda fucked up, I also know that you hate it so much. 


Guess old habits die hard huh. Anyway, this is the main point of this letter. Can we give it another shot? For the last time? I am super aware that I was the one who ended things between us, I got my reasons, and it sounds hmmm quite childish, BUT reasonable😝. I AM NOT HERE TO FIGHT WITH YOU! If you don’t want to f*ck with me anymore, just break it to me slowly, and gently as my fragile Lil heart might hurt, and I my crybaby ass might have a breakdown while having an examination. Hihi. I love you, still, a lot. Hehe.


FROM…. Love hihi

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