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Dear... Shehab

Oh my love… My dear soulmate, and only true lover.

I’ve been thinking a lot and I think this distance which doesn’t allow us to hug or see each other might also be good for us. Good in a way that we won’t reach any limits, and it teaches us to be patient because the greatest things come with patience and endurance.

I would die to feel your arms and to be hugged by you though, because I swear that one hug from you would be enough to solve all my problems.

We must do our best to not give up, I cherish you so bad, and love you more than anything else in this entire universe, I promise it.

I believe in you, I believe in myself, I believe in us my heart

We’re gonna be reunited in the best way, and even if we get reunited in the worst way it will still be worth it because no matter how things go, as long as I get to be by your side it’s enough for me.

Even if I have to fight with my family, even if my family hates me for that, I will still want you and only you because you’re the one who complete me, and who makes me want to be a better person. You also help me grow, and experience new sides of myself and I will forever be grateful for every single thing we’ve built together so far.

No matter how long it will take, I will still always wait for you.