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My Future Self

I have always wondered what things would be like in the future. I suppose that’s odd, considering I have an entire world here to discover and enjoy. I’ve always wondered if things would get better, ya’ know? It is rather strange considering that I’m still young and many people I know think I have the perfect life.

I’ve always wanted to get lost in my own fantasy world; a world of my own creation. A world where it’s impossible to forget the beauties of my past. But here, in reality, it’s not good to dwell on memories, or you could lose your future. It’s beautiful really, in a painfully poetic way. 

I must focus: not on the past, nor the future, but on the present. With everything that has happened in these eventful years, it can be easy to ignore the beauties in life. The small gifts that the universe gives us go on forgotten about. It’s a sad fate, really. It’s what I’ve always feared. Being forgotten.

Looking back at that previous paragraph, I realise that fear doesn’t come from the present. We either fear the future, or fear the past. Fear that the mistakes we have made, and will make, will catch up to us one day.

I’ve lived my life fighting. Fighting for others who can not fight for themselves. And fighting for myself. It’s strange how everyone thinks that, just because I fight, I don’t love. I do. I feel things. I feel hurt and anger and pain. It’s heartbreaking to know that my life – all of the work I’ve put in to this – is going to be forgotten. Everyone is. No matter who they are. One day, there won’t be anyone to carry on our memories.

I just hope. Hope beyond hope itself. That I never lose myself to this cruel world.

FROM…. A person that never existed.

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