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We launched in March 2020 and today I have got a lot of backlogs of letters that a lot of you who are subscribed know I am trying my best to get them all published… I need your support now… This was an Idea that I never knew a lot of people would find as a place to write…. Now this platform would take a lot of time for me to maintain. click to consider buying me a coffee, it goes a long way to cover the minor expenses to maintain this platform…

Write Anonymous Letter is a platform that makes writing an anonymous letter easier and accessible for people to submit their letters anonymously.

They could be open letters to self, society, or personal letters to the people you love, miss, or never met.

Everyone has a letter to write, the opportunity to write what they have got no chance to say if that is the case.

To write yours click here To read all published letters, visit the letters page.

If you would like to support me in this journey please get in touch via this email admin@writeanonymousletter.com


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