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My Annoying dinosaur

Dear My secret dinosaur,
I wrote this on May, 7th 2022 at 09.45 am.

Hello, how are you? I hope you do all things well. One year ago, I wrote this letter at my room, lonely and quitely waiting for your message. When your notification pop up in my mobile phone, I feel so happy. I started to starred your sweet message, and starred your sweet act and words that you said to me in my memory.

Your hair style, your parfume smells so good in my nose. I still remember Your voice when you call me. I like everything’s about you.

I know, sometimes you feel insecure. But one thing you should know, “even though you always fell like you have flaws, I will always admire you with all those flaws. Always and forever.

I hope we are still communicating with each other when you read this letter. But if not, see you at the right and more beautiful time.

See you my future programmer and CEO. I’ll always remember you. I love you in every universe.

FROM…. your certified lovergirl

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