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Dear... Seatmate

You were once my secret crush, my first love… How I wish I was able to tell you how I felt back then. I never knew that I would have so much regrets 12 years later. I knew I never had a good chance to say it so I’ll just say it here. “I loved you” and I think I still do. 

They say that childhood love can be confusing at times; they tend to alter the truth and will keep you believing in what you knew/ felt, blinded by emotions and vague memories. It never occured to me as well that you’ll always be in my dreams and I still feel the same feelings I felt back then.

You were my first love and my first heartbreak. I hope and pray that when we came across each other, I already have the courage to say that “I used to love you” and move forward with the one really destined for me.

I put all my courage here to say goodbye- to these feelings, to the memories I kept in my heart for all these years. I chose to move on, I chose to let go from your shadows. Until we meet again my friend.

FROM…. Someone you know

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