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Dear...No One

I’ve been feeling like this for almost 4 years… I want to scream but nothing came out in my mouth, I wanted to talk to somebody who would listen and understand me without them judging me, but I know no one is willing to listen to me. 


My family don’t know what I’m going through and even if they know about it they’ll just say “you’re just being dramatic.” “it’s your fault anyway.” And so much hurtful words that they don’t know really hurt, I thought maybe by praying will help since they say that God will always listening and it works for a while but there’s still this feeling, it’s making me go insane, my teachers also don’t care about their students and just keep giving them a table of works, all I want is somebody who will cry with me, somebody who will help me but I don’t know if there’s anyone will do that to me, a thought always linger on my mind that maybe I should just end my life, it’s much easier… 


I hope if you reading this check up to people around you, people you care about because we don’t know what they been going through without us knowing.


FROM…. A 16 years old girl

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