Write Anonymous Letter

Dear Anna

I wanted to write you a letter. I know it’s a little silly but I thought I would try it anyway. It seems like forever I wrote to you like this.

Though I cannot see you right now, I can picture your smile. I still remember your look when we met for the first time. Your eyes sparkled like stars when I looked at you. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having you in my life.

I know that we haven’t been together for a very long time.
But I also know that in this short time, we’ve built something worth fighting for. We both have dreams and goals–goals that won’t be easy to reach when the distance is great.

I can’t see you right now but I can picture how you are.
I see your hair and the way it falls on your shoulders, the way you smile and how you look right before you laugh.

Your image is always in my mind, I can always hear my heart whispering your name and I can always see your face when I close my eyes, how beautiful you are.

Seeing you smile means a great deal for me, I would never want to see you sad.
I would do anything humanly possible to keep your face all glomming with smiles and laughter.

Smile to as many people you can, have them smile back at you.
Be as nice as you can and just still manage negative people not affect you in your daily goals.

Never have I ever known someone like you–someone who could be so kind, caring, grateful, and affectionate.

All you have to do in order to warm my heart is to be the loving, caring person that you are.

I want you to know how much I enjoyed our time together.
You are so awesome to be around–you’re sweet and funny and kind, not to mention beautiful.

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are.
“l’amore trova una via”—

FROM…. KrissKiss