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Dear... Universe

I used to believe in destiny and fate, but that was before I stopped believing in God. Back then, I didn’t have a way to explain away the reasons why things happened the way they did. People say that miracles happen and that is the only proof you need that God exists. Look outside, the mountains, his creations, the animals, the intricacy of it all.

That was before I realized that the universe is the only proof you need that the universe exists. When I think of destiny and the universe, I’m drawn to Murphy’s Law. The way I see it is the same way its described in Interstellar. Everyone knows that Murphy’s Law is “anything wrong that could happen, will happen.” That’s how I see it for life, but rather than it be about bad things, its about anything at all. “Anything that can happen, will happen.” Miracles happen not because a divine creator penned it in his book of fate and spoke it into the universe.

Miracles happen because they can. When miracles happen to us, we’re quick to say our gods saved us, that it’s definitive proof that they’re watching over us. But in reality, we really were just lucky, because there would’ve been millions of people in our exact/similar situation who didn’t have miracles happen to them. We personalize our deaths so that the idea of cheating it is like being chosen to continue to live another day in the universe. When we hold on to the idea of miracles, it makes implications as to what we think we deserve, what we think we’re entitled to, and what kind of people can expect miracles to happen to them.

To me, I truly believe that anything can happen to you because anything that can happen has already happened, and will happen again. If you lucked out in one situation, know that someone else didnt. Where you failed, someone is celebrating success. Not to say life is a zero-sum game, just to say that, miracles can happen to anyone, because life happens to everyone.

I do wish that you could be personified. That’s the thing about gods. We have so many of them and yet none of them can say a single thing. For beings that are supposed to have created the universe, brought life out of the void, and are omnipotent, I have to say that the inability of a single god to say anything at all is baffling, especially since we’ve been on earth for so long.

Interesting isn’t it? Humans came up with all these stories so we could have a way to explain why lightning strikes, why stars “sit” in the sky, why we find fish bones on mountains or why the world feels like its ending. We need stories to give us purpose, to help explain why our life feels like its falling apart, more importantly, we need stories to tell us how to live our lives, what to think and how to act.

The only think I can guarantee about humanity and destiny is that we were always destined to be storytellers. Youre the only one who’s been here since the beginning, so I have to wonder that if you were a person, whether you’d think humans were so amusing, or maybe we’re devastating. We must be both and everything in between. But who am I kidding, if you were a person, you’d have more important things to be observing, after all, the universe is so vast its inconceivable, constantly expanding outwards. Also, tbh I wish you were a person so you could tell us if there were any aliens out there. You’re too big for it to just be us.