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Before I begin, let me tell you that the content of this letter may bring unwanted negative feelings or bad energy, as such, let this be a trigger warning should you be someone who is easily affected by words of another person.

Now, let’s start shall we. The universe is never kind to anyone, nor is it too unforgiving. We may set ourselves up to our own demise, yet the universe still helps us out at one point. I am but a simple teenage person, does well on their studies, frequently eats which is not exactly a problem. Speaking of problems, I’d rather keep it all to myself if I can or most of the time. 

My existence has been a half doll and half human designated to bring joy and life to another being which is not the purpose of life. Call me slightly hollowed, with opinions formed based on words from other people’s lips, gullible, if we are to be more truthful. 

The universe decides that a shell like me deserves not only the best, but also with the worst. Maybe that’s why there’s always to sides to a coin. Regrettably, I am still here. still fighting, and the universe just keeps on giving me a reason not to give up, but it is the very reason why I want to anyway. Paradox? I believe so, such a paradox that my head can’t wrap around and when asked of what shall be of me, I can simply shake my head and trudge down another path, not of my own, but of people that keep me sane and broken at the same time.

FROM…. Someone who needs a little more caring and understanding for the conundrum of life isn’t all that easy.

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