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Dear... Person Who Says They're In Love With Me

You say that I’m not supposed to cause you more stress or make you feel uncomfortable, but I clearly am, as you’ve just stated. As we are on the phone currently, I’m silently typing. Screaming on the inside. Crying silently. Dying, and closing off. I feel more and more emotional walls are being built. Why is it okay for you to flirt with other girls, but I’m the bad guy when I tell those girls we date? I feel worthless. I feel deprioritized. 


You said they would never affect our real relationship, but you had me waiting for HOURS on how you to stop flirting with one girl……………… This girl has something over me, even if momentarily. You judge me based on how I move, but never take any accountability for your own actions. I’m the bad guy, that’s for certain.


FROM…. The Heart You’re Breaking

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