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Dear... S C

I didn’t now when you came into my life that you would help me with so many things and help me during hard times. Now i am thankful that i got to have you as a best friend, i would not know what to do without you.

No matter what you will always be one of the most special people in my heart.

I know for a fact that without you i would be one of the most saddest people on this earth mainly because you are the only person i go to when i need to talk or need a hug or laugh, just anything.

I know that around you i am one of the happiest people on this earth and i feel like nothing is impossible. You have helped me through many hard things and i can’t began to thank you enough.

You are like a sister to me and i hope you will be in my life forever. 🙂 

FROM….your best friend

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