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Dear... Gray W

I’m happy that you seemed to have moved on from me (after 3 years too haha). Asking someone to prom is a big thing! Now I can outwardly say that I never liked you enough to pursue any form of relationship other than a simple friendship. You’ve heard rejections from me every time. 

I and my friends just hope that she’s not just a replacement for me, I know she looks like me, and it wouldn’t be fair to her if she isn’t the one you are thinking of.

Please be good to her, she’s my friend. And we are not the same. I can see that you text her a lot in class. Please, for the love of god, don’t text her the way you texted me. Seeing that dry “wyd” everyday was a nightmare. Text her with conversations that can flow and not seem awkward. 

I know that you will probably start asking her random questions once in a while. Don’t get weird with it. Make her happy.

Please G, don’t ruin it.

FROM…. Your maybe friend

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