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Dear... Annika

Your my best friend and I love you but all the things u have done to me is making me sick. I’ve never done anything bad to u, said anything mean about u because I didn’t want to loose u nut after you told me to ‘literally shut the fuck up, no one likes you’ today in science hurt me. I didn’t show it but inside I didn’t know if I wanted to punch u in the face, tel u how much of a bitch u are to everyone or just break down in tears and run away, but I sat there in silence as u soaked up all that sadness from me to make u more confident about yourself. you know how your always saying to me ‘ omg I look so cute rn’ and I always have to agree coz u would ruin my day if I said anything else, have you noticed I’ve never said anything like that about my self coz I’m insecure and u know that but u don’t compliment me, also I don’t care about ur ‘perfect nose coz it isn’t perfect at all.

You’r so self absorbed. reminds me of today in sport when I said there r so many self absorbed little brats in this year and u stop walking and point at me. thanks for that. you thing ur so funny about everything but i’m letting u know that that is a fake laugh when u call me ‘blind’ or ‘so fucking dumb’ and when u tell me that i have a lot of things wrong with me.

The more i write about this the more frustrated i get, we have the best times together and i never want u to leave but i need to get this off my chest because its making me mentally sick when u told me today ‘ just kill yourself’ affects me and u don know that because UR A SELF ABSORBED FUCKING BITCH and i hope some day ill have the guts to tell u but for now i’m writing on this ur one of the fakest people sometimes and I don’t wanna hear another word abut that fugly K.N and how much he likes u coz he doesn’t. he sends me the exact same ‘flirty’ texts but i don’t tell u coz i’m nice.

So if u ever get to read this I hope u just let it soak in and u change but u wont read it and if its u rn ‘it was all a joke’ as u always say


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