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Dear... Unconventional Lover

What we are is unconventional,
Unorthodox and unusual.
People tend to stare in wonder,
In confusion,
Baffled with why you’d want me,
Baffled with why I’d want you.

There are too many differences here,
Too many flaws and oddities.
He’s too old for her,
She’s too young for him.
Twenty-four years apart in age,
There’s no way in hell that could work.
They’re too different.

But you said it yourself;
“They don’t see this”,
And you’re right.
They don’t see us.
There’s a balance here,
Something about our space that…
Well, that simply makes things right.

You strengthen my guards,
Make me feel tougher.
I soften yours,
Make you remember what it feels like to be human.
And boy,
I’ve never felt this way before.
To love a man,
Who is supposedly so wrong for me,
Is a strange feeling.

I don’t know how long this will last,
Where it will end,
But while it is here,
I’ll cherish it.
Cherish your toughness,
Your agitation,
Your stubbornness,
Because beneath all of that,
There will always be the softness.

This is unconventional,
And most definitely unacceptable;
But I’ll take it.

At least for now,
I’ll take it.
Because I love that about us;
But more so,

I love that about you.

*sorry for the cheesiness*


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