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Dear... Scott

Man, scott, how’d you do it?

you somehow stole my heart without even knowing. you don’t even know me very well.

I think it was your smile first. or your face. you just have a nice likeable face. but when you get so excited over the smallest things, your face becomes even more likeable and it kills me everytime.

sometimes i think about the pin i gave you. i had so many of them, i hope it was special to you. you told me once that you still had it. it made me smile like you did when you saw those ducks. i wonder where you keep that pin. next to the sword you bought at that shop too?

i wish that I could just up and talk to you more. but no, i’m too scared to. you’re way cooler than me, I’m surprised you’re in our elective at all haha.

I wish you could like me too <3

FROM…. your classmate of exactly one period

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