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Dear... James, someone who was never my mine

It’s August once again. This was the month I knew I will never have you and the same month I lost you. I can’t really say that I “lose” you, when you were never mine in the first place. It was during this month that I realized that I have to walk away, I deserve better than the bare minimum that you gave me.

The breezy salt air right now reminded me of the sweet secret moments we shared a few years ago that will forever haunt me in my nightmares. Yes you heard that right, it used to be a wonderful daydream but now it is a painful nightmare for me now because I regret being with you when there was no assurance and an “us”.

Taylor swift’s song “August” reminded me of you. I remember the warmth of your skin as you hold my hand tightly as if you don’t want to lose me when no one is watching us and I also remembered the split second people look in our direction you became cold as ice. I also remember your soothing voice whenever you whisper to my ear so they won’t hear us speaking to each other.

I remember your smile blossoming to your cold face whenever you spotted me in a room full of people and we would step out of the door to avoid their judging gazes. Unlike Augustine’s POV in the song, I wasn’t a mistress or being cheated on with.

The thing that I can relate to that song is I feel like I was just a “summer thing” and “passing time” for you but for me you were more than that. I can proudly say that I moved on from you, Taylor’s song just made me have a flashback of a melancholic young love that is long forgotten for me now and that is the kind of love I will never settle again.

For the other people reading this letter, don’t settle for the bare minimum and don’t let yourself be someone’s second option because you will find someone who will not just treat you as a “summer thing” but half of their heart and that someone will also ask you to meet inside the mall not behind the mall because they are proud to have you.

FROM…. Augustine/Augusta