Write Anonymous Letter

Dear... ME

It’s okay to feel confused. Nobody has mastered the art of living. Everyone makes mistakes and so will you in the future. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Keep yourself first.

Some decisions may lead you to difficult path but you can always go back on the right track. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t be scared of wandering around. If you feel lost, remember you are not alone.

Happiness and sorrow are both part of life. Learn to embrace both. Life may always not be easy so you gotta be strong. But you can also be weak every now and then. It’s okay to be sensitive. It’s okay to cry. Your emotions are valid. Your existence is valid.

You’re important. Never let any one tell you you’re not. Make a bubble of positivity and good vibes around you and don’t let anyone burst that bubble. You may always not be surrounded by good people. When you recognize the bad ones, don’t feel obligated to stay with them.

It’s okay to say no. Not everyone will like you. Not matter how good you are to people, some will not appreciate you. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t appreciate you. Love the ones that love you.

Keep your anger and ego aside. They are not greater than relationships with people you love. Be the best version of yourself. Be unapologetically you because there will never be another human on this planet that can replace YOUR essence. I love you. :)))

FROM…. You