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Dear... Johnkook Le-Coursllion

Someone who kills me with a precise shot in one try has a high-voltage attraction. he’s sweet, but also like a poison that strangely makes me die smiling in his romance. he admired my crown and gave me a comfortable throne.

He’s a poem that I search for in every dull canvas that piles up. he’s like a drug, always addicted me to him. he may not be the best, but I love the way he wants to be the best for me. when he’s serious, when he’s joking, when he’s nosy, so adorable. he loves me in his own way, and I’m just here to trust him.

He’s a hot guy who looks into my eyes first, combs my hair, and admires my face, before kissing me. I love him and every way he treats me.

FROM…. Your girl, Brooklyn