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Dear... caleb


I know you’re in a good situation, at peace and feeling in love right now. I want u to know that I am happy for u esp for ur Lil one. I can imagine how can u be such an amazing father will be and a husband too. every day I can’t get u off in my head sorta tortures me for keeping our conversations and ur pictures lmaooo but I’m ready to delete it all soon. 



I’m writing this letter because I think this is a head start to forget about u, thinking of u is a sweet and sad emotion for the fact that we didn’t even have a good time and sweet for all the moments that we’ve shared, I want to blame the universe for giving us the connections that we ever felt and the energy that we used to share to each other, I won’t lie to u but it is something that I can’t forget.


 I want u to know that if fate would let us meet soon or in a place cause we never know what the universe can do aight I will take it and I’m glad for it. (((yes as a friend))) cause I am not ruining things and u know it. just stay safe and stay healthy! take care of ur fam!!! ps. go get that diploma and make ur mama proud ((tho I know she’s already proud of u))


FROM…. xoxo

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