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Dear...My Luna

hello my luna. i want to say something, im here to wrote this letter for you, iloveyou so much my luna. you’re my moon, it’s okay if you’re not have time for me. but remember always iloveyou more than my self and don’t leave me ha, aking tinatangi tayo ay narito sa ating munting paraiso na tayo ang bumuo kahit ano man ang mangyari ay walang mangiiwan at kung ano ang ating nasimulan sana naman ay hindi na ito mag tapos. aking binibini papahalagahan kita ipaparamdam ko sayo ang tunay na pag mamahal. kung hindi man tayo hangang dulo hinihiling ko sana ay pag tagpuin tayo sa susunod na habang buhay.

aking binibini, ikaw ang aking nag iisang panalangin sa habang buhay sana naman ay hindi ka na ulit mawala’y aking binibini.
ikaw ang aking kalakasan at sayo ako kumukuha ng lakas ng loob.

happy monthsary adi, thank you to stay by my side, you made me feel happy every day. thanks for staying even i’m boring person.

you boosting my confidence and thanks because you’ll always there when i insecure every time. you’re my comfort zone my luna iloveyou so much, i’m so lucky to have you i don’t know if i deserve this because your love is so precious. no one can break your record you’re the only one i know and i will down my knees to you, i want to hug you so tight and i wish you where here in nearby and we’ll go out and date. i’ll thank to god he/she blessed my to get you. i hope our love is get stronger and we we’re stay even we’re arguing all time i know it’s normal to relationship but i’m happy when we’re arguing idk why :)).

don’t leave adi mag kikita pa tayo ulit at mayayakap kita ng mahigpit. mahal na mahal kita adi, happy 5ft monthsary mag tatagal pa tayo tiwala lang mag mamano pa ako kay daddy :))

iloveyou so much, take care always mwa


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