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Dear... Stepmum

I have no one else to talk to about this, so here goes.

The problem is I have no true justification for the way I feel, you are sometimes a really lovely person to be around and you are one of the reasons why my family is such a good place financially but the way you make me feel so insignificant and worthless just cancels out all the good you do. 

Everything I do seems to make you hate me, from my tone of voice which is “a horrible attitude to have” to the fact I stand up for my brothers when you make comments about their weight. I just don’t get how you could be so nice when I first met you at the age of eleven but now, at the ripe old age of seventeen, you make my blood boil.

What’s even worse is my friends love you and think you’re a great stepmum. They just don’t seem to believe that you can do some really crappy things. The worst thing of all is that I absolutely cannot tell mum how I feel about you (yes that’s correct reader, my mum married another woman, move on). 

I know if I told her about how I feel about you she would resent me forever for it, but let’s be honest I’m not doing a great job of hiding it. So I’m stuck in this toxic household where I scream into a pillow when you look as if you’re tempted to slap me (well guess what bitch, I’m tempted too!).

Did you know that I make an effort to make sure I’m not in the house when you’re there? Or that when you’re not at work it makes me really upset and disappointed? No? Oh well.

Anayways, stay bitchy.

FROM…. The person who lowkey despises you.

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