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Dear... teen girl that wants to become more

Maybe this is for me. Don’t know who will read this letter, but I will write it. F*ck it! Your life matters, because you are here for something. You may be scared that youŗe growing up; scared that you don’t know what to do with your future, cause you are a teen and ending soon; scared to lose your loved ones; scared of not becoming successful; scared of your parent’s fights; scared you aren’t living your cool teen life or that youŗe not like the others; Maybe I’ve just said some of my insecurities. 


I blast my music in my headphones – pretty but sad girl vibes – Lana del Rey, Melanie Martinez, french electropop, Labrinth, classical music, and any affirmative hot girl subliminal 😉 Whatš like to be pretty? People say I am pretty, I look like a model, I am skinny, I am smart, I have gorgeous hair, charming and positive. I am not trying to brag somehow or make you feel uncomfortable. But letš make it real – being hot is nice, right? Looking at strangers, while they look at you or making with them eye contact. I am a dreamy person, so I don’t really like knowing what happens around me but being in my own world. Dear teen girl, I am not yet 18, I don’t know you and you don’t know me well too. 


But I advice to you to try manifesting by listening to music and just live in your world. I know you can say that your life is, not a fairytale, but I seriously understand what’s like comparing your body or yourself to others in a negative, not sufficient way; living without your private space; arguing with parents; having no friends; being bullied; losing your friends; living in an abusive household; having a difficult relationship with your dad; people being mean to you without reason; having anger issues; having no rich parents that can obey to your wishes; having suicidal thoughts and being in a black hole with anxiety and not wanting to do anything; being scared of changes or growing up; addictions; losing your loved ones or your fears to transform into realities. 


If any of what I’ve mentioned is something that matters to you, then I can say that I got out of it by myself. It was long and difficult, depressing. And I am not writing some melancholic motivating shit. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND IMAGINE WHAT YOU WANT. YES, YOU HAVE PROBLEMS AND IT IS VERY HARD, BUT SUICIDE IS A CRIME, IT’S JUST ALLEVIATING YOURSELF FROM PROBLEMS, THAT MEANS YOU WEREN’T READY FOR LIFE IF YOU THINK YOU’RE A GOD AND CAN TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE, IT’S BULLSHIT. 


You are a f**cking piece of shit if you don’t try hard and if you think you are doing enough and hard then try harder. It is an excuse. You need to find your inner beautiful charming side that makes you feel in love with yourself, then you let life love you and guide you.


FROM…. 16 year old sad girl

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