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I met this girl in 6th grade, she is very beautiful and smart. She is very kind and caring to her siblings. I’ve done things that I don’t know that I can do for her, every little thing about her, I am interested, she is my friend, a very close friend. 

You know, she can even ride a motor, she even let me sit there, she has many friends that are very special to her, they are very close till now. 

I am really sad when I have to transfer school but it is for the best, I was very young I don’t even know what to do, I just follow. I’ve seen her last month; I was walking every weekend with my family to a specific place. 

While I was walking, I’ve seen her with her sibling and did nothing, when I got home, I can’t stop thinking about her. In 10th grade, I realized that she is my first love, even though she changed, I think, I want to remember her that way even though I don’t know what love is. She will always have a very special place in my heart. She is special

FROM…. Your ex admirer

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