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Dear...boy who sits at the corner of the class

You are the best crush I probably ever had. You didn’t fit my type at all. You weren’t smart, good looking nor rich. Rather, you were the opposite. I’ve been denying the fact that I feel something for you for a long time. After all, how could i like you? A while ago, I finally accepted it.

Things were going well and I believed you liked me as well. You don’t understand the secret joy I had every time someone shipped us together. Every time you talked to me. Everytime you made a joke to me. Everytime our hands touched. Everytime I caught you looking at me. Everytime you sat next to me. Everytime you chose me. Everytime you didn’t deny the fact that we were together.

I was wrong.

Until today, I didn’t realize you never saw me that way. You liked someone else and now you’re dating her. I’m writing this because I want to finally let you go. I knew from the start that we could never work. We didn’t have a future together and I knew that. I still chose to like you. I admit that I don’t want to. I want to live in an oblivious bliss in which you and I could possibly be a thing. But it hurts. So I won’t. I will stop taking your jacket and trying to get close to you. For one last time, I’ll say I like you – in a way that’s borderline love.

Liking you was a fun and magical experience and I will never forget everything you’ve done for me. You made me realize what fun it was to have a crush and the heart breaks that came along with it. You will never read this but still thank you for that. Goodbye. I wish you all the best ­čÖé

FROM…. the girl who likes you

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