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Dear... A

Dear ex best friend,

I love you. Always have and always will.
But that doesn’t mean I want us to be together. Not romantically. I don’t see my feelings that way, even though I know what yours are like.
Remember when we always used to ask each other “Am I still your number one?”, well I never lied. You really were my ride or die for the longest time. But I guess it wasn’t meant to stay like that. The love started to break…
And look at us now. We talk maybe once in 2 months, if that much.


The way it ended wasn’t the part that hurt me. I actually thing we handled that really great. What made my heart ache is how things are now. How we went from talking 24/7 to this. No contact at all. I feel like a stranger to you. I honestly hope you don’t feel the same way, because I know I’m still the same. I still talk the exact same, maybe dress a little fancier, but still use the same perfume and even carry the wallet you gave me for my birthday.


I love you and I hope that you’re okay:)


FROM…. Someone who used to be your no. 1

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